Ещё одно сочинение о Рождестве...

Nesterova Аmina 8 A
It’s Christmas! Wonders happen!
 I am superstitious. I believe that a charm can give me power and all wishes that I guess at Christmas night will come true. Christmas is time of different unpredictable magic events. I tend to suppose that all Christmas wonders are not just a mystical coincidence, but a real miracle. For example, last Christmas Eve I discovered the very dress I have been dreaming about all my conscious life at the boutique. The strangest fact was that the dress chose me by itself! It caught on the hem of my skirt!
But unusual things continued to happen in the evening. We were serving our table for dinner. Suddenly the darkness attacked us. Maybe, it was electricity cut. It seemed that we were swallowed by an invisible creature. There were some extraordinary consequences when I first came across with a ghost through the window. But it looked like a sparkling cloud of changeable shape. What is more, it turned into Santa Claus for a moment. Unfortunately I could not see him properly because light switched on and we spotted three splendid gifts in front of us. It was something incredible! So, wonders happen at Christmas!