И ещё одна сбывшаяся мечта...

                                                                      Abramova Margarita, 8 A
Alice was sitting at home and doing her homework. It was so difficult! Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry… The girl was alone, because parents had gone to her uncle’s birthday. Only a cat was sitting at her knees.
   Alice went to the kitchen to have a cup of tea. She made tea and sat on a chair. She looked through the window. The world was grey and boring. It was raining. Puddles were everywhere though Christmas was coming.
Suddenly the sky was lighted. Something beautiful was falling down. Alice understood that it was a star, and that she could make a wish. She needed to do it fast, because the star was already near the ground. The idea appeared in Alice’s head: «I want to see real winter in Russia! »
   Immediately she appeared in a Russian street, where bears with balalaikas and hats with ear-flaps were walking. It was cold. The world was like a fairy-tale! The window was blowing and snowflakes were whirling. They were whirling faster and faster. Alice understood that vortex lifted her off the ground. She was flying high. Alice wanted to scream, but she couldn’t.
   At that moment Alice opened her eyes and saw that she was sitting at her table. The girl simply fell asleep while doing her homework. Her adventure was only a sweet dream…