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                                                                                             Болотов Артем 8 В

It’s Christmas! Wonders happen…
Once upon a time gnomes were preparing for Christmas. Men cut Christmas trees and women were painting the toys for the tree. Only little gnomes did not know what to do.
We should do something for our parents! – said creative gnome.
What we can do? We are just children, - told grumpy gnome.

We can make an own theatre, - told smart gnome.
What play should we direct? – said strong gnome.
I have an idea! We can write an own play, - answered creative gnome.
And where we can take clothes? – told grumpy gnome.
I have got much cloth, - said strong gnome – But who can sew?
I can! – said gnome girl.
OK, let is start! – shouted creative gnome.
It was difficult but exciting work. All of children were doing something. Only grumpy gnome was doing nothing. He was going to break up the play.
After two weeks everything was ready: script, costumes, and scene. There was only one day before Christmas. And grumpy started to carry out his plan. First, he wrapped the costumes and script and then he broke the scene.
When gnomes went to the scene they screamed: ‘’What happened here?” And they started to cry. But after that gnomes saw something in the sky. It was Santa!
“Ho, ho, ho, children, I see you have some problems. Can I help you? ” – said Santa Claus.
“Yes, of course. We tried really hard”, - answered gnomes.
And magic happened. All became better and brighter. It was a real Christmas wonder.
Then gnomes started to act. It was really fascinating and everyone clapped them. After that gnomes received there presents. Only grumpy gnome did not receive the present.