Встреча на Рождество...

                                                                                                 Сафонова Люба 8 А
It’s Christmas! Wonders happen!

 Christmas…  «Mom, when will dad come? » - «Sorry, darling, I’m afraid this year he'll be late for Christmas». Lisa sighed: «But he promised! Wonders happen! He will arrive. » They lived in a small town in Canada, and his father worked as a researcher in Greenland. He came home only once a year, at Christmas. But on Christmas Eve a huge storm broke out and everybody was sure that he would not be able to arrive on time.

                  «Terrible weather, isn’t it, »- George said – «No normal pilot would get off the ground». « Oh, Yes... but I need to fly to Canada, » - said Peter. He and his best friend were sitting at the station. «I promised Lisa»… Suddenly everything was lit up by a bright light. «Oh my God, what is it?» And he suddenly rose in the air. «George, save me! I am flying! And I don't know where! » - « Home! Hohohohoh » - said a strange voice. And now he was flying, and it is difficult to imagine how he was scared. Peter was constantly whispering - wonders happen! And they happened! He was in Canada at the time. As he touched the ground, he said – «What happened to me?! ». «Merry Christmas, buddy»! «Santa… » - «Hohohohoh» Peter was surprised. He flew over 1000 kilometers and landed in Canada! He went, went and went and saw his house. His little house, decorated with colorful garlands, such a cozy and sweet home…And suddenly Lisa opened the door! «Mom, dad came! »He picked up a child in his arms, and she laughed. Wonders happen and not only at Christmas!