Christmas is coming...

                                                    Усольцева Мария 8 В

                      «It`s Christmas! Wonders happen…»
A little boy Peter lived with his family in one of the cities of England.

This boy was very kind and friendly. He had many friends and fond parents.

Peter loved to dream but one of his dreams didn`t come true . 
The boy longed for a dog. But his parents were against this idea.
They didn`t like animals at home. Peter wanted to grow up and buy a dog.
He made only one wish every Christmas. 
When Peter was 15 years old his parents decided to make the son happy.
Christmas was coming and it was the time to give gifts to each other.
For the first time there was a very big box under the Christmas tree.
Peter was surprised.
  Mother took the box, went to the son and said:
«My little Peter, we love you so much, dreams come true! ».
 The boy opened the box and the puppy jumped out to his hands.
Peter was very happy.
He embraced his parents and spoke in a whisper «I love you, my mummy and daddy! ».