This story is about our true friends...

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It’s  Christmas! Wonders  happen…
We all want to believe in miracles, especially when Christmas time is coming.
This story is about Mr. Quiky and his dog Jane. Their remarkable story started like this:
    When Mr. Quiky entered the university, he was in need of a good friend that is why Jane appeared in his life. First she used to a little, fluffy and round puppy, charming and soft, tender and extremely sweet.
Mr. Quiky had a thing for Jane, but in a month this little puppy grew huge fleecy monster. She was very careful and obedient , but there was just one trouble – Jane was young and she adored chasing after cats. It happened like this : one evening Mr. Quiky took Jane for walk. It was dark and slippery outside. Accidentally, some strange cat attacked Jane. She rushed after the cat, trying to catch it, but alas – Jane was for away from Mr. Quiky ! She got upset but at this very moment she heard some weak mewing.  It came from the side of the road. Jane hurried there and got stunned – there was a little black kitten! Jane took the kitten gently into her mouth and turned  back. She didn’t want to hurt him at all. As it was the time of Christmas, Mr. Quiky managed to find his lovely dog in the dark street. To his great surprise, Jane was not alone – she was caring so tenderly about the little creature! From this time on they three lived happily all together.