We wish you and your friends a good luck!

                                                                                    Шишко Юлия 8 В
It’s Christmas! Wonders happen…» 

         I have been dancing for already eight years. Our dance group is named «Siberia». The girls of different ages dance in our collective.

We have won the first places in the competitions of district, city and regional levels.
So, we were recommended to go to Sochi to take part in the International competition.
We are going to go there by Christmas. It is great to walk and see one of the most beautiful cities of our country. We will not miss the chance to visit the places where the Olympic Games 2014 have happened this year.
At the competition we are dancing our two favorite dances. The jury will be strict and, of course we are nervous. We dance hard every day and we wait for our journey very much.
Our performance will be on the seventh of January exactly at Christmas. We all believe in our victory and we believe in the Christmas wonders.
To sum it up, I am eager to go to Sochi.