Wonders Happen at Christmas...

           Christmas is coming...
                 Christmas Eve

During the Christmas rush in London an intriguing story was reported of a tramp who, accidentally found himself  locked in a well - known store late on a Christmas Eve.

It was dark night outside. The tramp heard the howl of the wind and saw how the snow fell down.
 At first, he got worried that it was an illegal accident, but everything changed when he took a look around him. He was really surprised by the atmosphere: there were Christmas trees everywhere, Santa Clauses and a lot of gifts and bright lights. All the things were so colorful and attractive that the tramp felt like a child. He was slowly moving among shelves, staring at toys. He was really happy at that moment and almost burst into tears.
The hours passed, but the tramp continued to sit near the scene with decorations, playing toys. He was so carried away by the game that forgot that he had been very hungry. And suddenly he understood that if he did not eat anything, he would die.
Of course, the store was full of food and drinks. But the tramp was looking at all those products with horror. He was talking to himself: “It is illegal! Do not do this! No! Everything you are doing right now is illegal!” But it did not work. He decided to find a little bit of food. He found a small bottle of water and a sandwich and ate it this with a sense of guilt.
The morning came and the tramp saw the doors being opened. It was a police officer. He started to check the store before the opening. The tramp hid and started to pray. He did not want to have any problems with the police, it was just an accident. But the officer found him behind the Christmas tree, seized and brought to the police station.
The policemen asked him a few questions about the night. The tramp told him his story, but the officer did not believe him and sent a man into prison.
The Christmas was coming, everyone had been waiting for this day and was so happy except the tramp. He was sitting glum in his cell.
But later that day the director of the store came to the police station to know more about the accident. While the officers were talking to him, the tramp looked at them with hope from his corner. He did not pay attention to the fact that near his cell a small and very cute girl was standing. She stared at him with a big smile on her face. The tramp involuntarily smiled too. All of a sudden the girl ran towards the store director and whispered something. He looked at the tramp, smiled and said loudly: “Let him go! ». The policeman stared at him for a moment and then opened the door of the cell.
The tramp left it, came up to a tall man and said quietly: “Thanks’ a lot! You are so kind!” The man hugged his daughter and answered: “Merry Christmas!”
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