Сочинение "Моя мама"

Cочинение Анны Царегородцевой 9 А

Our life begins with the word "mother". But how much this word means! Mum is not only the person who gave you the Life. She takes care of us, helps in our dark hours and makes us smile. Then we don't know what to do, we know that mum is always here for us! And fortunately, I have such a person.

My mum is the most wonderful one! From the very beginning of my life she has been preparing me for the future by teaching how to sew, bake pipes or knit. Sometimes she doesn't sleep just only to help me with my homework . If I need her help, I exactly know that she will hold up all her work or plans and will smile my fears and tears away.
My mum is a very kind and warm-heart person. Her light green eyes always glisten and radiate love and joy. She always cheers me up and I feel her motherly love.
My mum is also my best friend. I always ask her about private life or school, and I can be sure, that she won't blame me, but give  advice that is a great help to me.
I really want to thank my mum for all she has done for me. But not only on Mother's Day should we express our gratitude. How wonderful that would be if we started our days with the words: "Thank you, dear mummy!
I love you so much!"