11 Б!!! Готовимся к тесту по английскому!

Зачёт по английскому языку в 11Б классе

Письменный зачет будет состоять из 5 заданий:
1.     лексическое упражнение (контроль лексики 1 и 2 модуля, идиомы/фразовые глаголы/предлоги)- 7 баллов
2.    грамматика - 9 баллов
3.    чтение текста (работа с заголовками) - 6 баллов
4.     словообразование - 6 баллов
5.    аудирование - 6 баллов

Критерии оценки: общая сумма баллов 32

27-32 баллов - “5”
21-26 балла -”4”
15-20 баллов - “3”
менее 14 - “2”

Открытый банк заданий для выполнения ряда заданий:

Задание 2
Task 2. Read the text below. Put words printed in capital letters in the correct form according to the contents of the text.
I come from England but now I live permanently in Québec, Canada. When my parents ________BRING__________ me to Canada, I was fifteen. It was the winter and I ________IMPRESS__________ by the amount of snow there. I asked my new friends what they usually ________DO_________ for entertainment in such a cold climate. Their answer was simple, “In winter _________CHILD_________ and adults go skiing and skating.” Before arriving in Canada I had never tried skating and my Canadian ice experience was really painful. To start with, it took _________I_________ half an hour to put on the skates. I _________NOT/KNOW_________ how to move so my new friends showed me some basic techniques. However, when I was left alone on the ice, I _________FALL_________ over immediately. When I opened my eyes, my new friends were standing around. They weren’t laughing, they looked worried. “Are you OK?” they asked.
“Fine,” I said, “I wish I ________CAN__________ skate as easily as you do.”
“You definitely will,” they smiled. And they were right. By the end of my _________ONE_________ winter in Canada, I felt confident on the ice. More than that, I found out that skating was a really exciting activity! 

Tracey was very unhappy and scared. She was starting a new school.
“I _________NOT/WANT_________ to go to school today,” Tracey told her father.
“I understand, Tracey,” he said. “Starting a new school can be very difficult. But you have to.”
A month before _________THEY_________ family had moved to a new town and everything was still new and strange for Tracey. Dad smoothed Tracey’s hair down and _________GIVE_________ her a little hug,
“When your classes _________BE_________ over, I’ll pick you up, ok?”
When Tracey got to school and looked at the big building, she thought, “I wish I _________CAN_________ run away,” but she knew it was impossible. She took a deep breath and walked up the steps to school. She went straight into her _________FIVE_________ grade classroom.
“That must be Tracey,” “Hello, Tracey!”, “Welcome, Tracey!” the _________CHILD_________ in the room welcomed her.
Everyone seemed friendly and Tracey felt a little _________GOOD_________.
The father picked her up after school.
“How was your day?” he asked. To his surprise Tracey answered that she _________LIKE_________ her new school.
“You are a brave girl,” her father said. “I’m proud of you.” 

It was about 6pm when I heard a knock on the door. It _________BE_________ Jason, my teenage neighbour. He looked cold and upset. 
“What’s wrong, Jason?”
“I _________LOSE_________ my key and I can’t get into my house.”
“Come in. Today’s not a day for long walks, or long waits,” I looked out the window. It _______SNOW_________ hard and it was windy. The weather was getting ________BAD__________ every hour.
Jason _________TAKE_________ off his coat and boots. His ________FOOT__________ were wet and I gave him a pair of socks to change into. A cup of hot tea and some biscuits soon made the boy feel warm.
“Where are your parents, Jason?”
“I _________NOT/KNOW_________. I can’t call them because of this,” he pulled his phone out of his pocket and showed it to me – the screen _________BREAK_________ and the phone was obviously dead.
Jason focused on the food again. He took his _________FOUR_________ biscuit and said: “I wish my mum could make biscuits like this.”

By today’s standards, my mobile phone is pretty basic. It’s a Nokia. It’s a small device that receives telephone calls and sends text messages. Other than that, my phone _________NOT/DO_________ much. Most of my friends wish they _________HAVE_________ smartphones because they are cool and trendy. They say the _________GOOD_________ thing about a smartphone is that you ‘can do everything with it!’ That’s right, smartphones have many more functions than a simple phone, however, not all of them are needed. In everyday life, smartphones _________USE_________ mainly for checking social networking sites, replying to emails, and playing games. Grown-ups as well as ________CHILD__________ like playing games. Anyway, I prefer my good old Nokia. It’s my ________ONE__________ mobile phone. When I bought it, it didn’t cost _________I_________ very much. And I am not afraid anyone will ever steal it.  It’s also very reliable. Yesterday I dropped it. It _________FLY_________ down the staircase and hit the wall. I thought that _________BE_________ the end of it and I would have to buy a new one. But nothing of the kind – it still works properly!

When I came into the room, my computer was on. It worried me since I _________NOT/REMEMBER_________ switching it on. I looked around –  there _________BE_________ nobody in my room and everything was in its usual place.  Suddenly I _________UNDERSTAND_________ –  the book had gone! I had left it on the table but it wasn’t there any more. I checked the window –  it _________CLOSE_________. That meant that someone had come into the room through the door. My _________ONE_________ impulse was to call the police but I called Jim instead. “What _________HAPPEN_________?” Jim sounded sleepy. I explained that someone _________TAKE_________ the book. “Oh, no!” Jim sounded unhappy. “Have you any idea how valuable it is?” “There’s another thing I ________NOT/CAN__________ understand,” I interrupted Jim. “My computer’s on but I always switch it off before leaving home.” “Ok, stay at home. I’ll be at _________YOU_________ place in half an hour,” he said and the phone went dead.

Linda was looking forward to her holidays. First of all, she _________FEEL_________ really tired from school and wanted to have a break. The _________TWO_________reason was that they were going to take a trip to the mountains. Linda enjoyed it very much when they went somewhere all together as a family. They _________NOT/DO_________ it very often since her parents were very busy people. Linda ________NOT/CAN__________ ski but the prospect didn’t scare her. She learnt everything very quickly, especially when her father taught ________SHE__________. He was the ________GOOD__________teacher in the world!
“I _________BUY_________ special sunglasses for skiing,” Linda boasted to her father. “Have a look! Nice, aren’t they?”
“They are,” he gave Linda a quick look and turned back to his computer. He ________PREPARE__________ a presentation or something else very important.
Linda could see diagrams on the screen. They _________DRAW_________ in different colours which made them look complicated.

Задание 4


Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury is a US writer of fantasy, horror, science fiction and mystery. He is __________________ considered to be one of the 20th century’s greatest and most popular writers of science fiction. 


His works have been translated into more than 40 languages and have sold tens of millions of copies in different countries. His __________________ continues in the 21st century.


During his long writing career, Bradbury has written almost 600 short stories, eleven novels, as well as __________________ poems and plays.


He first became famous for his Martian Chronicles, a collection of short stories concerning colonization of the planet Mars. In it, Bradbury portrayed the strengths and __________________ of human beings as they encountered a new world.


Bradbury won __________________  literary awards, the most important of them coming from the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

Millions of science fiction readers all over the world are grateful to Ray Bradbury for his outstanding __________________ in the field of fantasy and science fiction.




Christmas is the most important annual festival in both  Britain  and North America. In its origins, it combines the Christian __________________ of the birth of Christ, on 25 December, with the ancient tradition of a winter feast during the darkest period of the year.


Christmas carols – a special kind of religious songs – are an important part of  it. You may hear them __________________ times over the radio but it is quite different when you listen to people sing carols around you in church.


At this time, too, many carol __________________make door-to-door visits to people at home, collecting money for this or that charity.

Many weeks before Christmas, shops start selling __________________   Christmas cards and Christmas gifts.


Shop __________________ decorate their shops with holly, mistletoe, candles and colourful paper chains and lanterns.

All kinds of traditional Christmas food are also __________________ available.




The importance of animals in British life is reflected in many ways. In the past, landowners liked to be portrayed with their dogs and horses. __________________ pictures of this kind can be seen in art galleries and private residences.  


Animals are __________________ used in advertising in magazines and on television.

The Royal Society for the __________________ of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is one of the largest charities in Britain.

RSPCA is a part of a more general  __________________ in support of animal rights that has emerged recently in Britain and the USA.

Animal rights organizations use __________________ tactics: picketing stores that sell furs, harassing hunters in the wild, or breaking into laboratories to free animals.

Their main aim is to ban the cruel treatment and  killing of animals both in laboratory experiments and in factory farming. The irresponsible and neglectful treatment of animals by some zoo and pet __________________ is also their concern.



Why do we sleep?

A recent study may have an answer to one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in science - what is the purpose of sleep? The work suggests it’s __________________ about making animals function more efficiently in their environments.   


__________________ from the University of California, Los Angeles, conducted a study of the sleep times of a broad range of animals. They discovered much variation.

You may think it __________________ but some migrating birds can fly non-stop for up to 90 hours.

Pythons and bats are among the longest __________________ at over 18 hours a day.

 Human babies need 16 hours and their health and intellectual __________________ depend on sleeping properly.


Most of us probably feel we need around eight hours sleep to function well. Some people have __________________ in getting enough sleep and this may lead to serious health problems.



Future population

The United Nations (UN) has published its prediction about the size and age of the world’s population three hundred years from now. This report can help environmental __________________ and policy-makers to understand dramatic changes in the world’s population in the future.


The report suggests that if the birth rates stay the same, there’ll be a huge expansion of the __________________ population.


You may think it __________________ but three centuries from now there may be over one hundred and thirty trillion people.

The report says that the world’s population is likely to be __________________ older. The average age will be fifty while today it is  twenty six.


Almost a quarter of all the __________________ of the planet will live in Africa.

__________________ think that India, China and the United States will continue to be countries with the biggest  population.


Tourism in Britain

Tourism is already Britain’s fifth most important industry and it is also the fifth largest tourist industry in the world. It’s growing __________________: the number of people employed in the industry increased by more than 50,000 a year.

Britain has a rich and varied cultural heritage. __________________ royal ceremonies attract millions of visitors each year.

London has an international reputation for its historic sites, museums and famous institutions. A city of infinite colour and ___________________, London is both historic and unceasingly modern, at the forefront of fashion, music and art.

Historic cities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Bath are visited by large numbers of__________________.

People who travel to Scotland, the Lake District and other areas of upland Britain find unique _________________ places and scenery which can vary over short distances.

Some of the most popular_________________ outside London are the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, the Tudor ship in Portsmouth and National museum of Photography in Bradford.